Fine Manufacturing

Quality machining and barrels

Our goal at diamondback barrels is to manufacture the finest, 100% American made barrels and components in the industry. We offer excellent customer service, inventory management, and support for our products.

We leverage our manufacturing expertise to produce the most competitive and cost-effective barrels and parts for your personal use or to suit your company needs.

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01. Design

We can build nearly any design tailored to your specifications. With our setup we can build barrels with various lengths, twist, and calibers. We can put your barrels in production.

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02. Manufacture

We have all the equipment, skills and team that are required for manufacturing. Here at Diamondback, we have multiple CNC machines, water jet, laser engraving, and more to satisfy the manufacturing needs of our customers.

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03. Deliver

All of our products only leave our facility when they have been thoroughly tested for quality and performance. We make sure to deliver a product that our customer is more than satisfied with and will perform for their intended application.


Our Services

Here at Diamondback, we offer many services other than just barrel production. We have the abilities to machine parts that suit any application.

Barrel Production

Here at Diamondback, we are able to produce barrels that meet your requirements. Our barrel blanks are made from premium materials and machined using some of the finest equipment on the market.We offer barrels of various custom calibers on request.

CNC Machining

We have several high-quality CNC machines here that we use for a variety of purposes. With our machining capabilities, we can serve industries including self-defense, medical, aerospace, military, and more. If you require a run of parts we can machine those parts to meet your requirements.

Laser & Water Jet Cutting

If you need parts to be laser engraved or cut out we also provide those services as well. We have an industrial water jet that we can use to cut to any design you have in mind. We can also laser engrave and cut your materials. If you need any of these services just contact us and we’ll put your project into motion.

Contact Us

Need a custom order or have a few questions? Contact us and we will be in touch.